Victoria 5 and Genesis in Carrara

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I imagine this has been talked to death in the previous forum, but how is Genesis doing and the V5 adaptation of the figure in Carrara.
I haven't downloaded yet the beta, a bit leary as when I did on the previous beta, it really screwed up my Carrara 7 and was very buggy.
I know the beta has been out a while. Interested in upgrading my figures but would like some experienced beta users opinons.

Thanks for the help


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    only C8, resetting your download will get it, serial in sticky in forum.
    seems to play ok for me with all my other content, the bullet physics seem better too.
    I don't have V5 but M5 works ok except his geografted bit!
    can load stuff from runtime browser too like poses that the earlier betas didn't do.
    autofit fussy if wrong clothing type selected ie bodysuit tight instead of loose depending on item "an error occurs" and you need to delete that item and add a new one.
    need to have metadata in DS4 first for items so if you buy something for Genesis you must open DS4 and let it import meta data before opening Carrara.

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