about your daz digital 3d artwork for home use and online for others to see ?

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hi everyone

long ago it was ok to post your works online and i have not posted art work for over 3 years has it changed

and have been doing other things and getting back into 3d artwork and can we still post what we make online for others to see with daz sofware

or is it freely to use for your home only for viewing all your artwork

would one have to pay to post your artwork online ? for the use what you make

in other words long ago you could post and others could see and comment on your work and view and like

do we have to pay to upload what we post or make for others to see ?   i did at one point we have to pay fees an if so we have to pay for

every model the clothing and props and every model and then we can use freely ? 

i am not sure about it ,  i know that if you use blender you can use everything you make

and is it we have to pay for every upload of artwork we make or a one time fee ?

thank you for your time and stay safe

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    You seem to be making extrapolations on top of extrapolations. There might be places where you have to pay to post your artwork, but everywhere I'm aware of there is no cost to post the artwork, nor is there any license fee for the assets used. The worst case scenario is that certain assets from other locations will prohibit you from using the asset for commercial use. The additional licenses are only for using the assets in 3D video games that would expose the assets to end users. Daz's standard license allows you to use assets in any rendered format. 

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    You can do whatever you want with your rendered images and videos made using Daz content with the standard license, including posting them online and selling them, without any additional fee to pay to Daz.

    if you use freebies or content from other sites in your scenes you will need to check the license for them, some freebies are non-commercial only for example.

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  • thank you so much every one very much for the info

    have a great day

    and stay safe

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