New freebie - draughts (checkers)

Draughts (checkers)

I made a board, a cover (case), pieces, and a pin to connect the case and board. I've done them with DAZ 'mylibrary' file structure. Also an fbx file, a blender file, two versions of obj and mtl files, promo images, and uv files of just the items. In addition, for DAZ, I've included a scene subset with all the parts put together, the board, the case, the four pins, a layed out set of both dark and light pieces, and a set of both pieces stored in their stotage slots, also an extra two of each color pieces stored. The piece items are in groups so that they be turned on or off depending how you want to show them. Piece position locations as if in a game will have to be up to you. If you use this version, dropping the cover to y axis '0' should line up the board, case, and all the pins into one unit.

Board, cover, pieces, for DAZ 'my library' with data, props, runtime, and scene subset directories. Also fbx, blend, two objs, promo images, and uv files for others to use too.


Done for Richard (and Tracy) since he doesn't play chess - but available for anyone.


Done for Richard (and Tracy) since he dosen't play chess. Available for everyone too. Should be available today or tomorrow on Rendo freebies.






  • perlkperlk Posts: 708

    This is super cool, thank you so much!

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    Thanks so much. Hope it works as intended.

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  • Do like that. Very nice.



  • Richard,


    So glad you like it. I just felt bad that you couldn't use the chess ones. Have you ever heard of a 10x10 board? Someone on Rendo asked about doing one like that.


  • BronzeDragon, I am flattered, but also a bit embarrassed, I had no desire whatsoever to cause you any work even though it did result in something really rather nice. As for the 10*10 board, no, I have never heard of one of those. Sounds even more difficult, to be honest - I find life difficult enough without deliberately making it worse!. Regards, Richard.
  • Please, don't be embarassed!!! You didn't cause me any work. If I hadn't wanted to do it, I wouldn't have. As for flattered, you should be, you've given all of us so many really nice things. Besides, it would look like like I created something nice, and I re-learned some old skills. So, good all around.








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