not able to load genesis 2 correctly from pz3 file.


this not first time that's happen. Here, I have i have install Kronos in a pose with hair and cloth but I haven't time to finish.

So I haved save my scene. And now that I want to came back, the scene is not correct (see attach file). This is the second time it's happening with g2m.

I work with Poser Pro 2014 on a Mac yosemite. The first time I was working with Poser Pro 2014 on window 7. When I submit the problem the first time, people told me that I have made something wrong, that was my problem... Idea?


  • just forget about that... I have redone the scene.

  • KeryaKerya Posts: 10,700

    I have a scene with the DazDragon3 - I see the black outline with the posed dragon and the unposed dragon textured for some seconds when loading the scene.

    Then the textured dragon "snaps" into the pose ...

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