Double saving of the render : Before and After denoising.

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When we render an image it's of course possible to pause the render and save a version of it before the Denoiser kicks in.

But when rendering images while we're away or asleep, images will always be saved once finshed. Meaning once the denoise has already done its job.

There have been so many hundreds of threads complaining about Iray's Denoiser smoothing a bit too much the end result, that it'd be nice to have an option that enables the render process to auto-save the image BEFORE the denoiser kicks in. If we set the Start Iteration at 1800 for example, then DAZ would save a first version of the image at 1799 samples. And then continue the render and let the Denoiser do its job.

We'd then always be able with a 2D app to have both versions on different layers and use masks to smooth only what needs to be.

I felt so many times that this would be a great option that I thought it was worth being shared here.

Thanks for eventually considering my request.

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    I think you're using the denoiser wrong. At least from my experience it's intended to be used as a VERY LOW render level to create a base image that doesn't look grainy and then permitted to fill in detail on subsiquent passes.

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