August 2022 - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Open Render Challenge



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    August 2022 Open Render Challenge Results!
    Showcased Participants for Open Render Beginner:

    isis4444merlin - The Competition-Posing, Portrait Rendering, Lighting and Composition-
    The Competition

    dannysantoro - A Spark and a Fire -Composition, Emissive Surfaces-
    A Spark and a Fire

    Showcased Participants for Open Render Intermediate:

    tommyskypilot - Dawn Brings Safety-Effects and Mood-
    Dawn Brings Safety

    Limun - Gamer & Nerd Sisters -Lighting, posing, emission, L.I.E , instance (for ligting the wall RGB) surfaces, geometry editor-
    Gamer & Nerd Sisters

    redbankmick - Subway Car-Lighting and Mood-
    Subway Car



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  • Congratulations to the showcasers and thanks to all the participants for sharing their talent and inspiration!
  • Thank you Elliandra, Congratulations to all!

  • Congrats all and thanks again to everyone who offered me feedback! It made the image a lot better, and I also learned a few new tricks!

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    Congratulation to all.

  • Thank you so much...especially for all of the help. Congratulations to everyone!

  • Congrats!

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