Proper fire alarms, music stands, music chairs, musical instrument cases, carpeted podiums

So far, I've been unable to find anything resembling:

  • Standard stackable music chairs (never in my life have I seen a real chair with adjustable-length legs)
  • Standard music stands (approximately all music stands in existence have three feet, not four)
  • Standard commercial fire alarms (I've seen some that are wall mounted, but none on a wall box with conduit, which is how 99% of them are installed)
  • Standard commercial fire horns (wall mounted or, more typically, box-mounted with conduit).  I've seen exactly zero of these, wall-mounted or otherwise.
  • Musical instrument cases (yes, I see the guitar case, but I mean band instruments — typically flute, alto/tenor/bari sax, oboe, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, euphonium, french horn, tuba, bassoon, maybe bass clarinet, contra bassoon, Eb alto clarinet, bass sax, soprano sax, etc.)
  • Most of the instruments listed above (there's a trombone, but not with a trigger, and I think I've seen a trumpet and a flute, and that's about it).
  • Typical high-school/college-grade conducting podiums (which 99% of the time are just a wooden box covered with carpet).

I managed to find a free model for an aluminum podium and stretch it and use pixel shaders for carpeting, but the others are all still loose ends.



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