A Bat Box

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AKA- Bat House... (not for batman)

Just a plain old Bat Box... for bats,you know... Not tested in DAZ Studio, but it should work.
May need resizing, I don't really know because I have not scaled it to any bats I have... Model is based on a real one I made a couple of years back... Which no bats ever inhabited, but was loved by earwigs and wasps.
Stupid picky bats.

Get it here: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/64215/view/11/Poser/Bat-Box

1000 x 940 - 233K
1000 x 940 - 156K


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    I always thought bats preferred to live in a belfry.

    boxes take up much less room though.

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    I have been accused of having bats in the belfry :)

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    A much needed product. It's so much better to give them a house of their own rather than force them to live behind the shutters on your house. The guys who paint the house prefer it as well, since they have to take the shutters off while on looong ladders far far away from the ground as the startled bats fly around their heads trying to figure out what's going on! Thanks from bat lovers and house painters everywhere.:-)

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    Your comments made me smile.
    This is a lovely bat box and now I know what these are when I see them in the fields around town.

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