Six sided polys (HEXAGON)

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Okay for my hole punch metal sheet it appears I need a very acute 6 sides line shape or poly. or HEXAGON. I made one free hand with the line tools.. Does any one have any idea how I could make a very accurate HEXAGON in HEXAGON? (NO PUN INTENDED!)

1) How can I make a very accurate Hexagon?
2) after I extrude it so the surface of the HEXAGON is made out of six QUADS ploys with a hole in the middle How can I make a LARGE SHEET of these

DOnt tell me I cant make a accurate HEXAGON in HEXAGON?


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    Insert a cylinder.

    It comes inn with Pts/sec at 8 default.
    change to 6 .. and there's your Hexagon

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    This post should have been added as a note to the original one. Maybe a mod will join them

    I thought this would be quicker to screen record rather than take screen grabs, keep an eye on the Command Viewer as it will tell you which tools I am using.

    This is the way I did it, as you noticed from your previous post there are lots of ways to approach things with Hexagon, Steve's method is better than mine but try it both ways and see which you prefer.

    If you want the holes more rounder add a level or 2 of smoothing.

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