Face dissolvement looks strange in DAZ

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I have uploaded a video of what I doing here:


I am sending Genesis 2 Female to Hexagon.
Then I dissolve some faces.
I export the new geometry as an obj.

Back in DAZ Studio 4.8 (64 bit), I import the new LOD using
Edit->Object->Geometry->Add new Level of Detail…
I select "From: Silo" (that is the only profile that does not make my character disappear).

Then I switch to this LOD by clicking Parameters->Genesis 2 Female->Mesh Resolution->Resolution Level->MyNewLOD

When I look at the wireframe, I am seeing the attached image.

Can that be right when it shows up perfectly in Hexagon?

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    ps: This is what it looks like in Hexagon (for those who do not want to watch the video):

    I selected the 4 faces, then selected "Edit->Dissolve".

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    I've seen this before with DAZ Studio. It turns n-gons into triangular fans on import.

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    What is an N-gon, please?

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    When you dissolved the interior edges joining the 4 quads, you ended up with a larger quad that has T-junctions. As far as DAZ Studio is concerned this is an "n-gon", namely a polygon with n vertices. The reason it has more than 4 vertices is because of the T-junctions. They introduce an extra (colinear) vertex at every junction, so although it has the shape of a quadrilateral, it actually has 8 vertices.

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    Thank you for the explanation. But you see what I want to do... can you tell me how you would do it?
    Or is it a bug that should usually work and needs fixing?

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    @RichardHaseltine Can you tell me your opinion?

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    If your intention is to make a lower-resolution level of detail model for genesis, then I would focus on dissolving entire loops instead of single faces. I've roughly outlined all the edges you would dissolve in the yellow rectangle.

    If you eliminate that horizontal cut across the loop, then you have replaced two loops of roughly square quads with a single loop of quads that are roughly twice as high as the quads before. You introduce no T-junctions and you shouldn't get any triangle fans from n-gons when you bring it back into DAZ Studio.

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    Can't you offer a low-poly geometry for DAZ Genesis2?
    I feel you are good at retopo.

    I would buy your product right away.

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    That's very flattering of you to say that, but I am a very n00b modeler :-)

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    Would you say that it is a bug there an N-gon is created here?

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    No, if you dissolve faces, the vertices are left behind because they are used by another edges, and DS does not like NGons..

    There is no way to decimate the figure the way that you are trying. There is a Decimate tool in the Utilities menu in Hex, and there is also a plugin for DAZ Studio called Decimator. Of the two methods Decimator works the best in my opinion. You can select parts of the mesh to decimate, leaving the face mostly as it is, and decimate other parts of the mesh more fully.

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    Can I ask a newbie question, please?

    I read your mathematical explanation, but don't you think that the software should automatically make it so that no N-gons are created?

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    That is what DAZ Studio is doing, by adding the edges so that no side has more than 4 edges. An nGon is a polygon with more than 4 edges.

    If you look at your Hexagon image, it looks like only a square (quad) face has been removed, but it is actually an nGon with no less than 8 sides, and DS triangulates them as it does not allow nGons.

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    Thank you for your great explanations!

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    @legalize_adulthood I just wanted to say thank you again for your great explanations and for the amazing hint on how to achieve what I am trying to do!
    That was the ultimate solution, I think.

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