Searching for this G8F model

Hi, does anyone know the name of this G8F model please (the one used in the product images) ? I have been searching for a while and haven't been able to find it.
1080 x 1684 - 443K
1080 x 1681 - 519K


  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 3,025
    I have my suspicion that the character may be a currently unavailable Rarestone character - may be Gou Luk or a mix with another, but I may be wrong (often am). Rarestone is currently called 'Ravenstone' over at Renderosity.
  • FirstBastionFirstBastion Posts: 5,952

    She was Rarestone and Nirvana Kayla  and was sold at this store in the past,  but no longer.

  • MimicMollyMimicMolly Posts: 1,850
    I think Ravenstone might release a "Remake" version of another similar character, named Fredda, soon. This was the old Fredda . The chins were different, but to me, Fredda and Kayla were too similar that I ultimately went with Kayla.
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