Hey!! Don't you try cool dance animation ?

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Now If you try to make cool dance animation performed by japanese pretty girls unit(ladys)
please check perfume.

perfume global com

please read terms of use.

after check it,you can download motion caputure data (bvh) (three bvh data)
and sound data (wav)

I hope cool animators in thiis forum make animation for perfume!

====for beginner===
set your performer figure which you want play in daz4.
(aiko3 aiko4 genesis hitomi etc)

just import bvh file to daz studio. and set bvh file on your figure.

check dance in animate tab!

I feel It is so easy to make music video by daz4 and animate!
(if get good bvh motion file, and nice music file, and you can wait long lendering )


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    Thank you very much for this, I have been looking all over the net for some dance animations that aren't from the 90s, if you can help me find more animations I would be very grateful! (Daz needs to update/support Animate with new animations) Your site is very classy and stylish, and I love your music as well!


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    I tried it. Please check it if you like.

    By the way, we can't embed a youtube movie in the new forum ?
    I want a function of embedding.

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    I am so happy if you like "perfume" and their music.
    I jsut want DAZ users to know "perfume", and make cool animation by their dance bvh motion.

    I should say I have no relation with perfume, and the web site is not mine:red:

    If I can do such work I may show off !

    Perfume is "Technopop" units from japan, and I feel their dance move is some like pupettier move (like figure),
    aka "robot (or mannequin)" dance ,so may fit animation by many daz figures.

    (Takezo) Now I do not know where you can get animations you want,
    Im serch around free bvh files too. If I can get ,I will tell you.
    I hope some guys make topic for "free bvh or fbx aniblock,etc."

    do you get these bvh yet?

    (ghid) ,Thank you!
    your movie is so cute funny and cool work:)

    I checked their bvh by spuggles . yeah it can move !

    "Perfume" must like your movie !

    To tell the truth,I just downloaded bvh and watch dance by many characters with music in daz stuido,
    I do not make movie yet:shut:

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    Thanks for the info and links kitakoredazu! I love this group!

    I tested the bvh files in DS4.5 - they work on V4 but not so well on Genesis.

    Here is a sample video of three v4's in the scene...


    When I inport bvh, I use settings: Adjust Scene to Match File, and Limit Joint Rotations.

    I hope people get a chance to make something :)

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    Having some fun with these bvh files - here is a V4 Sedition Soldier dance test :)

    There is a little foot sliding, but it is much worse if you try Genesis.

    V4 Sedition Soldier Dance Test

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    Waaao, your Soldier dance is so cool!!

    I am happy! If you enjoy their dance bvh, and music.

    so how to make your video?

    I try to export genesis with morphs and wardlobe as FBX but it is difficult for me.

    maybe I need decrease faces of poligon, and export materials wardlobe separately, then set them on genesis,
    at onother application for making movie.,,

    Aiko3 Vickky 3 are more easy to export as FBX file. (3girls dances may be more cool ,than solo dance)

    JPN pop culture is not only "AKB ,manga , anime" b

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    Thanks kitakoredazu :)

    I haven't tried FBX export yet, so I'm sorry I can't help you with that.

    My video was just rendered in DS4.5 and then the music added in Sony Vegas Platinum HD.

    It was just a test, so I'll add the other dancers and get some other things going as well :)

    Have fun!!!


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