Can someone help me identify products in these artworks?

Hi to all Daz community,

I'm searching by long time and still trying to find specific products but I am having no luck finding them in the store. I'm talking about the entire room set, sofa, windows and lamp, i think the left model is gu-yu-and-gu-yu-hair-for-genesis-81-female but I am not sure being new to daz.
In the second picture about that pink pig, the pink laptop, desk with book and the backside bed room in general... I tried to search as hdri with no luck.
Here are 3 images of the products in question,
Anyone can help me please?

1920 x 1080 - 3M
2560 x 3012 - 2M


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    One image removed as it had the URL of a site thata ppeared to be offering unlicensed downloads.

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    Hi and I'm sorry I seen it on an english daz website where I found that author works during my long searches but the products names aren't listed for what i need to render. I was sure it was the english official Daz website and not a site where to download materials. Very sorry, anyway i was just looking for that artist works that are stunning me, to test my skill and try to get a similar result.

     I'm glad that you answered me and I want know if you can give me please some suggestions to obtain a render like that in my scenes? Because I'm still new in Daz Studio and I want try to make that one and get better. If you can tell me some products I can buy from this store to obtain a so cool result I will appreciate it too much and sorry for my english.

    Thanks in advance

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    The only asset I recognise immediately. Perhaps some other users can chime in as well. Good luck!

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    Oh thank you very much, very kind from your side to provide me some links, I'm still more interested regard the environments and 3d objects but thanks anyway to find the models wings, if you will find something else let me know soon please. It can be a room set i presume, still searching hard.

    Watching forward on this link for any incoming news :)

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    Based on the bunkbed,  looks like this one,


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    One of the characters and hair looks like:
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    Guys.... you are amazing. I need to say a big thanks at you all because you really found what I was searching I still can't believe.

    Thank you so much, i need to ask you two more questions, how to build a sofa like this? And one more...I really impressed by your Daz knowledge, how did you do any time to find and identity particular products in some great artworks artists pictures, is a matter of memorize Daz products or you have a method and please if yes I would love to see a youtube tutorial on it that make possible to recognize artworks products?

    If you can help me with some tips so in the future I can find what i search, and not disturb you anymore, thanks for your patience and great skill 

    Take care

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