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I play with hexagon for my own pictures. Sometimes I think that I could sell some parts. But I have a problem with the textures. I am not good in drawing. That is why I would use fotographies for the Materials.

I give you some examples for my problems with ownerrights:

- I buy a piece of wood, take a pic of the wood and will use it. The question is if I buy a thing can I use it (exapt pices of art or saved designs like wallpapers) for selling products or is the art anothe product which I have to buy it extra?
- I take a pic of a wall (made of bric/concret/etc.) form an officall building. I am not sure about the right to use of a picture of an all visible (city house) or an official building (town hall)?
- In my house I make a picture of a wall made by a mason. I own the house but another build this speciall wall. The wall is handmade by this mason. Is the wall like a pice of art with the mason as artist or is it my wall which I can do what I like (also take pictures of the wall to sell it)?

What I want to know is which Textures and Materials (made of fotos) could I use for my creations?

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    Photgraphers own the rights to the photographs they take.

    So take a picture of a brick wall or a concrete wall or a piece of spruce lumber, you can use that image for texturing your 3D model.

    Take a picture of an entire recognizable building, then things get more complicated. An architect designed that building, and in all likelihood owns the copyright to the design. The more identifiable, the more likely that copyright owner can claim infrngement.

    Take a picture of a garbage pile of a thousand crushed tin can, you could use that as a texture on a pile of 3D garbage.

    Take a picture specifically of a Coca Cola can, then you have a problem. The design of the Coke can falls under Trademark protection. If you textured a cylinder with a CocaCola logo image you took, then you would be infringing on their Intellectual property rights. They could come after you in court. Unless you got their permission.

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