Sea Serpent for Daz Dragon 3?

Has anyone thought about doing a sea serpent morph for the Daz Dragon 3?  I picked up the Oso Mosasaur to try and make one but that seems to be an all or nothing morph, I can't use just the mosasaur body/leg morphs with the regular dragon3 tail/neck/head.


  • beregarberegar Posts: 78

    I'm going to hijack this thread a bit because what I'd like to see is some serpent-style wurm base (you know, a wingless serpentine dragon) which you could transform to a sea serpent, an eastern dragon, a remorhaz, a wurm, a  monstrous worm, a giant serpent. I know there are individual products like the eastern dragon I linked to or the dinokonda but I'd like to have a more flexible product which gets variations like the Daz Dragons.

    After all the critter is pretty much a tube and fins and other stuff like this could be separate wearable.

    Then you could have products like a wurm saddle, stingers and other features and stuff like that which you could use over multiple shapes.


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