A new person needs some help.

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Hi Guys

I was wondering whether there was a beginners tutorial somewhere on using the SDK to create plugins. Something that covers the basics to get me going.

I'm not new to coding, I'm a c# developer using visual studio 2012. But I'm very new to creating from DAZ Studio and need something to get my coding brain into the right state.

I have downloaded the SDK 4.5 and had a look around but am frustratingly lost. Any help would be most appreciated.

Many thanks


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    There's only working examples.. that I've found
    Your better off starting with the scripting first, its a little bit closer to what you already know, then move on to dll's, I'm better with C# than I am C++ the scripts are a little bit more obvious how things work

    If you try the "my first plugin" example you will need to change the GUID as it conflicts with something else, so it won't show in the menu inside Daz

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    Thanks for the info Arfur, I'll give the scripting a crack. I don't really need to do anything too fancy, just a few bits and bobs to help automate the long and laborious tasks.

    Thanks again

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    I also have been struggling with this; I'm on a Mac, and the version of the SDK available seems to be out-of-date with respect to the more recent compilers/Xcode environment available. I've been unable to get a basic build working, for the sample projects.

    Scripting is easy; it's just JavaScript, really... :) Plus being able to inspect the objects/classes, and dump out their methods interactively is really nice, at least for my learning style.

    -- Morgan

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    Thanks Cypherfox

    The scripting does look quite straightforward. I'm not really familiar with javascript, but I'm familiar with general coding structures so it reads easily enough.

    I'm quite looking forward to getting stuck in.


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    Have you tried using QT on Mac, you'd probably need QT 4.6
    I tried on Windows but I have Qt 5.4 in the system path so it kept throwing a wobbly and was using the newer Moc.. it was working with VS2010 so I got bored and gave up..
    But anyway if I was using Mac I'd try QT I loath XCode

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