Will Poser 11 run without an internet connection?

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I wonder [if Poser 11 run without an internet connection] about this because I don't always have internet. 

And will the next version of Poser (Is that Poser 12?) run without an internet connection?



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    Both the Renderosity Poser 11 and the current Poser 12 Early Access need to occasionally 'ping' the Internet to stay active, so far as I know.

    That said, I think there may a difference between the older Smith Micro Poser 11 and the newer (still currently sold) Renderosity Poser 11. Poser was purchased by Bondware, parent company of Renderosity, from Smith Micro. Which is why there's a difference between the two versions of 11.

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    Poser 11 needs to contact Bondware's licence server once every 9 days or so. It's a very brief exchange - just a few seconds - and you can leave it disconnected the rest of the time. That's how I run mine. However if you're saying your Internet is unreliable, you may not always be able to connect when you need to.

    I've heard rumours than Bondware can do something about this, but I'm not clear on what the details are. They mention nothing about it on their site that I can find.

    I don't have Poser 12, but to the best of my knowledge it does the same thing.

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