Looking for full body and head body suit for G8F and G8M

I am looking for a full body and head body suit for G8M and G8F the same as Super Bodysuit for Genesis 3 Female(s) SKU:31076 and Super Bodysuit for Genesis 3 Male(s) SKU:24203. You get a better idea of the head in this product add on, also sold here Guardian for Genesis 3 Male Super Bodysuit SKU:32591.




I want and have been for years, wanting to make a "Phantom" male and female character body suit. Please refer comic strip "The Phantom".  

If anyone owns the above products, have you tried auto fit for generation 8 characters? And if so, how does the face work?

I have looked at 2 products, Marvelous Bodysuit for Genesis 8 Male(s) and female and also SY Super Suits for Genesis 8 but they both fall short in the face area.

I know about creating geo shells but if I was better and modeling and texturing I wouldn't be spending the money I do purchasing others work.

And lastly, I want this for G8M and G8F not 8.1. 


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    https://www.daz3d.com/super-bodysuit-for-genesis-3-male-s and female and https://www.daz3d.com/guardian-for-genesis-3-male-super-bodysuit are currently on sale at 50%. I purchased both the male suit and the guardian add on. The basic supersuit had a couple of small poke throughs each side od the chin (using G8M Holt). Using the Guardian bodysuit (it has different morphs and UV's I think) it fitted very well with the exception of the ears. Please see below for suit with Holt and also suit with G8F Kayo.    

    2160 x 3840 - 3M
  • drucdruc Posts: 269

    Here is kayo 8

    2500 x 3840 - 2M
  • felisfelis Posts: 3,024

    Have you applied a snoothing modifier, with the character as collision?

    And if then you can try to increase number of iterations..

    And if that doesn't solve it you could use mesh grabber tp pull the suit out over the ears.

  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 4,341

    Or, if it covers the ears completely, hide them so they're not visible in the first place.



  • drucdruc Posts: 269

    Thank you felis. It took 10 iterations to solved the issue.

    3500 x 3840 - 4M
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    Thank you RichardandTracy. I tried that. I have a morph to hide ears for G8F and tonight downloaded a morph for G8M. Comics always (well almost always) have no ears in face cowls but realistically we have ears. I tried the no ears on G8M and didn't like the look. There is a material group that allows the ear part of the suit to be hidden and I would have been happy with that. Now I have both options. Thank you all.

  • richardandtracyrichardandtracy Posts: 4,341

    Hmm. I can see your point. Silly idea for the future might be to have an opacity map that makes the ears transparent. That way the geometry will be there for the hood to shape around but nothing visible could poke through.



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    Or perhaps Projection morphs. Just whipped this one together.

    Could have ears, no ears, projected ears {if projected ears is used with ears, get big ears - no poke through].

    Now available at Renderosity. See my thread in the freebies for more image examples if you want to.

    How about projection morphs.png
    2000 x 2000 - 3M
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