Lighting like this....?

Hi everyone,

If anyone can clue me in a bit to the LIGHTING PRODs ( style ) maybe used in these TWO Promo pics

I'd be very grateful. - or maybe a light set up using the inbuilt Spots etc would be cool.

I wonder if the stark lighting used in the 'URBAN PLAYGROUND' is a 3Dlite render ( with perhaps some heavy post work ).

The lights in the 'SCHOOL GIRL POSES' are so lovely and clean. ( I want to achieve this in my own Art ).

Thanks as always,


1000 x 1300 - 404K
3000 x 1500 - 586K


  • lulamfadalulamfada Posts: 68

    The lighting for the first looks like a simple sun setting, close to noon, I'd guess.

    The second looks like a soft HDRI--any of a dozen sets could get you something like this. I'm fond of the iRadiance HDRI sets for this style of lighting, but I suspect you could also use one of the HDRI sets on sale in the grab bag from yesterday;

  • john1720john1720 Posts: 38

    thanks Lulamfada, this is most helpful.

    I have just purchased Prism HDRI & Render studio 3 to have a go with. ( also own TOL Heavens by Fabiana at rendo too.)

    I'll give the 'simple sun' setting a go but in previous tries, I cannot get the shadows so dark and intense.....any clues on that bit?




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