Released - Klarika [commercial]

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Since my outfit is released, i want ask you a feedback.

-Which is your favourite material option?

-Which is your less favourite material option?

Your answer would help hopefully raise the quality, and help me focus :)

Thank you for your help!


ps: i wanted to copy the images here, but the details just not visible. if you see, please look full size.



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  • I was really trying not to spend any money today TT_TT


    I really like the iridescent crescent moons and stars in the 4th image, the center model.


    The kitsune and fire and the kistune and swords are really nice!


    The mesh, cherubs/roses, wings, and hearts on the transparent material is what pulled the money out of my wallet. They give a vaporwave/artsy feel that hasn't really shown up much in the store


    I really love the AREA 42 details on the hems with the mesh. Very clean and simple and easy to throw around. It would also be nice to have those bands in another color.


    I love, love, love your doodles. The horned goats, the cats and fish, the three-eyed cats, they are so distinct to your work and I go out of my way to buy your work for these types of images. I love the black doodles that blend into the black fabric. Really great for a goth look.


    I would love a shader set of your doodles that isn't knitted. And a decal set similar to the patches you've released but without the knitted feel. I would really love from you


    I really love the stars and circles and color gradient on the bodysuit. And I'm glad the body suit can be broken down into different outfits.


    I think you did an amazing job of providing a great assortment of different materials for this set. You really hit me from a number of different angles and I could really see a number of ways to use this set. I don't personally see myself using the options with the leaves as much, but I think it's important that the option is there. I also wish the "Girls are Magic" had a text-free option. I love the mixing of metallic and transparent fabric

    I want to try the cherubs with the matching crop top and pair it with leggings. And some of the more goth sets with the rocker dude pants. I think you've done a great job giving us pieces we can use well together and with other sets

    Thank you for your work :)



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    Fast answer more detailed in private tomorrow. Just for you i make 3 color/band text, please send pm which you want <3 (And thank you for detailed feedback!!)
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    Initial Impression.. the Area 42 top, Dots top, and the Yellow Jersey style top all caught my eye.

    After a second pass, I decided I also like the moonstar top, and witchy white top.

    Bought the outfit for the top (lace/jersey material on a long t-shirt caught my eye).  Also, the price is pretty good for a new release.  

    Hope this helps.

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    Hello, thank you, its helps! I try make a product line, where the items are mix and matchable, but the textures are not same. For upcoming products these feedback are superb help!
  • SadeSade Posts: 662 is my third part of this product line, would be curious to same. Which is your fav, and which is your less fav?



    I love the red, the black, the lace the peach, it's hard to pick a favorite.  I would love a beautiful baby pink and maybe a floral short

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    I cannot say it any better than amaidroid_cf98. And yes, the one with iridescent crescents is also my fave.

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    thank you!! its helped alot!

    Allieka thank you for suggession!!


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