Update Genesis 8.1 to use Standard Face Morphs

Adding the face controller is kind of annoying. In fact, I never load up an 8.1 model because it's inconvenient to manipulate their expressions. Without using purchased ones that is. 

Maybe it offers more conrtrol, but in this case, that face conrtroller seems to always be a pain to work with. 

At least the most basic functions would be nice without having to drill down. Simple expressions, moving the eyes, lifting the brows, etc. 


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    Making the G8 base expressions (and any expressions that are using them) work on G8.1 requires removing dummy/placeholder expressions that are installed to G8.1 morph folders - These dummy/placeholder expression files have no other function than to prevent the base G8 expressions from loading. 

    The dummy/placeholder files are located in;

    ...\Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female 8_1\Morphs\Daz 3D\Base Pose Head\ (255 files)
    ...\Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Female 8_1\Morphs\Daz 3D\Expressions\ (24 files)
    ...\Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Male 8_1\Morphs\Daz 3D\Base Pose Head\ (255 files)
    ...\Data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 8\Male 8_1\Morphs\Daz 3D\Expressions\ (24 files)

    Please make sure you are removing the files from G8.1 morph folders and not G8 morph folders.

    Note 1; If you are logging in to DS and letting DAZ Connect (within DS) to install/update your content, you may have these also in an other location that has "\Data\Cloud\" in it's path
    Note 2; Do not remove any files from "FACS" or "FACSExpressions" folders

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    You should still be able to select and pose the bones, and of course you can always create your own pose controls (set up an expression, if you use the controller select it and use Edit>Figure>Bake To Transforms to transfer the posing to the bones diectly, right-click on the parameters pane to put it in Edit Mode, right-click in the desired Pose Control gorup to add a new property, set its details (type should be Modifier/Pose), set its value to 100%, right-click>ERC Freeze, check only the expressions are include, click Accept; test, st the value to 0, File>Save As>Support Assets>Morph Aset).

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