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Seems like everybody's got their own render thread, so I guess I'll make one as well! I'll start with a few of my older renders, all of which were rendered in DAZ Studio 2.3 (Wanna see the full-size render? Just click on the render's name and it'll take you to the full-size render on my dA account)

1) Visit Honolulu - A 2nd-place entry from a DAZ Beginner's Contest back in May 2010.

2) Wanna Race? - Apparently, I made this one back around November 2009. Can't believe it's been THAT long since I made this one...

3) Konnichiwa! - This one's from February 2010 and was my first ever render using the awesome pwToon shaders. Oh, and it got 2nd place in the DAZ Beginner's Contest that month as well :)

Also, why is it that images you upload in a post don't stay in the order you upload them?

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    And now for some more recent renders, all of which were rendered using DAZ Studio 3 Advanced (and most use Lantios' excellent light sets as well)

    1) Beelzebub - Not really much to say about this one, the render speaks for itself.

    2) Anatomy - Even now, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made this one....

    3) Obsolete - Ever played Borderlands? No? Then stop reading this and go play it. NOW. Already played Borderlands? Then you're likely familiar with its awesome cel-shaded graphics which inspired this piece.

    4) Cute but Deadly - THIS is why you don't wanna make a Sackboy mad.

    5) E.V.E. - V4 + "Exo" from V4 Creature Morphs + Silver Textures V4 + Displacement Maps from V4 Muscle Maps = one awesome techno-organic creature

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    Wow! Great art show. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Jaderail said:
    Wow! Great art show. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Thanks! Now let's keep things rolling along with some more renders!

    1) Frogzilla - Yeah, that's the DAZ Tree Frog that was available in the old Freepository, but on some SERIOUS steroids :P

    2) Cyber Girl - One of the groups over at dA had a contest with an Anime/Manga theme, so I tried to come up with something that resembled the cover of a manga. And yes, that Japanese text running down the side of the render DOES say "Cyber Girl" in Japanese (at least that's what Google Translate told me)

    3) Enter Reality - My first (and so far, only) render using Reality. I really do need to use Reality some more....

    4) Where's My Head? - A little something I put together using BishounenTaurus' Visual Style Shaders (and before you ask, this is NOT Celty from Durarara wearing a different-colored outfit...just thought I'd put that out there right now)

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    And now we've reached some of my newest renders, which will get their own individual post.

    Warriors Assemble! - This was an entry in the May 2012 Beginner's Contest. Despite not winning, I still consider this to be one of my best as I somehow managed to fit four separate characters in a single render without having to postwork them all together (something my old laptop would have NEVER survived trying to do).

    Wanna know what characters I used? No problem!

    The Knight: Michael 4
    The Archer: Victoria 4
    The Mage: Aiko 3 (using Realistic Morph)
    The Orc: Genesis

    That's three generations of DAZ figures represented in one render.

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    And now for my latest render (about two months old), which I don't believe I've ever posted on the DAZ Forums (old or new).

    Dark Angel Redux - While looking through my gallery one day I couldn't help but notice of my older renders looked compared to my more recent renders.

    So, I decided to load the old scene file up in DAZ Studio (I keep ALL scene files for renders I post, just in case) and replace the original lights with one of Lantios' sets. At the least, I figured it would help make the old render look.....well, not so bad.

    But then something unexpected happened. Ideas on how to REALLY improve the render started popping in my head, such as "If there's gonna be skeletons on the ground, there needs to be a REASON for them to be there....." and "That pose you used in the original is just too.....unconvincing. And the face? Yeah, the face needs MAJOR work."

    So as the ideas kept coming, I just kept changing stuff until I felt it was ready to render. One overnight rendering session plus some postwork later and I FINALLY feel satisfied with this one.

    Wondering what the original render looked like? You can view it HERE.

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    Pretty cool, keep up the good work.;-)

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    Pretty cool, keep up the good work.;-)

    Thanks! And you're in luck, as today I've got a brand new render for everyone!

    Raphael - Genesis Supersuit? Awesome. Turtle Dude? Awesome.

    What happens when you combine the two? One word: COWABUNGA!

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    Here's a little something I've been working on every now and then for a while...

    Sara and Maranda

    I thought it would be interesting (and possibly challenging) to try to recreate a pair of characters created by someone over at deviantArt. According to the creator: "Maranda used to be Sara's body until she gained sentience and pulled Sara off of her neck. They later found out that they're a rare form of twin so they are sisters."

    I know, it sounds a bit strange....but I figured it'd be fun to do a render of a headless body holding its head (or in this case, her disembodied sister). For those who might be wondering, both the head and the body are separate V4 figures.

    Also, their conversation is a reference to the fact that Sara & Maranda are normally hand-drawn, 2D characters and thus appearing in 3D is something new for them.

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    Looks like it's been a few months since I posted anything to this thread.....Let's change that!

    Wanna Race? Redux

    Continuing with the idea of improving some of my old renders (which I started with Dark Angel Redux), I decided to remake one of my favorite renders: Wanna Race? The original render was created for the DAZ Beginner's Contest all the way back in November 2009 (yeah, three years ago.....can't believe it's been that long)

    Anyways, I wrote out a LONG explanation on some of the things I improved, but I'm not gonna post all that here. If you DO care to read all of it (or if you wanna view it in all its 1500x2000 px glory), go check out the render over at dA!

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