24h HDRi

How about HDRi sets with 24 images of the same location? I sometimes find I'd like to use the scene from a different angle so the lighting comes in from somewhere else casting shadows in the wrong direction so if I had 24 images shot with 1h seperation. You get the idea.


  • A possible solution is Iray HDRI Reshade by KindredArts 

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    The position of the sunlight does not only depend on the time, but also on the latitude and the season. And during the night there is rarely any sunlight.
    Moreover imagine the photographer spending a day in the same place without moving his camera for a single HDRI set, hoping that the weather does not change! I guess the price of the set would be rather high.

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    Hmm, good point. so what we actually need is a "neutral" HDRi with Sun-Sky behind it to have arbitrary conditions. Or as I suggested in another place: forget about HDRi for scenery altogether and rather have more billboard, backdrop and low poly fillers. Certain JeffersonAF packages are doing a good job on this.

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    14 hours worth would do,  of a sky HDRI,  from sunrise to sunset.  And maybe a bit of twilight at either end.

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