Product Suggestion: Skyewolf's Surge--Necromancy?

Loved Skyewolf's Surge and Technomancer products so much, and I'd love one that is themed with Necromancy. :D 
Hope everyone has a nice weekend! :3


  • SkyewolfSkyewolf Posts: 415

    *adds this idea to her "whiteboard of all the things"*


  • Ah, thank you so much for taking the time to comment ma'am! ^W^ I truly appriciate it! 

  • SkyewolfSkyewolf Posts: 415

    This is a good idea and I'm always on the lookout for good ideas. Especially ones the give me that little creative spark. 

    Keep your eyes peeled ;)

  • SkyewolfSkyewolf Posts: 415

    Just a head's up. This is currently in testing :D

  • Oh my god! I am so excited! 8D Thank you so much for telling me! X3

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