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Welcome to the Freepozitory. This forum is a place for the community to let each other know about free items that they've created and wish to share. If you're hosting a file and would like to let people know about it, please create a new thread with a thumbnail and description of the item. This way we don't have one massively long, difficult-to-navigate thread. (We'd never do that, would we?) ;-)

Feel free to comment in other people's threads about their freebies. After all, people love feedback.


1) Please post only your own freebies or about those you've gotten permission to post about. (We don't want anyone to see a sudden, mysterious hit in bandwidth.)
2) It's okay to link to a page instead of directly to the freebie, but if there's nudity on the page that is linked to, the nudity tag must be put on the thread, even if the freebie thumbnail doesn't show nudity.
3) No links to adult sites - i.e. highly sexual or violent content.
4) Only posts containing freebies or links to freebies will remain in the Freepozitory. Anything else gets bumped to the appropriate forum.
5) If you have any requests for specific freebies, please post them in the stickied thread in this forum entitled "General Freebie Requests".

Courtesy requests:

1) Please use a descriptive title for your thread: "V4 stuff" isn't as helpful as "V4 eye textures."
2) Please list any items required for the freebie.
3) Please let people know the size of the file. (Dial-up users love finding out that they're downloading 30MB freebies!)
4) Link either directly to the freebie or to the page that has the freebie. It's easy to find freebies on some sites, but other sites it's like playing hide and go seek.
5) If you link to a page on your site that has pop-ups, please let people know. (If there's no warning about pop-ups, the post may get deleted.)
6) If there are any restrictions on render usage - such as non-commercial renders only - please let everyone know. It saves others time, and saves you bandwidth. No items in the Freepozitory can be redistributed in any way without the explicit permission from the creator of the freebie.

Obligatory statements:

1) None of the items in the Freepozitory are under DAZ's control. If an link is broken or if there's a problem with a file, please contact the creator of the item.
2) If a link is found to be broken, the Mods will give a grace period, usually about 72 hours, before removing the post. This allows for server issues, etc.
3) Any warez links will be removed and appropriate action taken.
4) All freebies must comply with the Forum TOS.

Whew! That should do it. Now go and have fun!

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