looking for a tutorial.

i have downloaded old bryce 5.5, and i wanted to make a crescent planet,but cannot find the tutorial i have in mind. It is not about mqking a whole texture,but rather half,on a sphere. Making it half vanish. Anyone know what im on about? :P


  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,357

    grylin - Create a sphere and in the Mat Lab set a dot for Transparency but keep it at 0. In the Materials Options set it to Blend Transparency. Set the random texture to Object Space.
    Open the DTE (Deep Texture Editor) to change the random texture. Only component 1, set only [A], disable [C] and [B].
    Noise: 2D, Type Nothing, Mode Standard, Octaves 0, Frequency about 24. Filter: X(a*Altitude+b) with a = 2.2, b -0.1 and c 4 (approximate values).
    Rotate sphere to get the surface/transparency as you need.
    I use this setting on Bryce 7.1 but just tried it out on Bryce 5.5. Additionally, you may want to add a texture for Diffuse, Bump and probably Ambience. A bit of experimenting is needed. Good luck.

  • grylingrylin Posts: 278

    Thanks:) Sounds like the one i thought of!  smiley

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