Hello. This is my first render worth sharing, and a thank you to all those that contributed.

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I got DAZ last week and I am thrilled. I always loved the signature pics people create and found out about DAZ on the Everquest 2 art forums.

Most of this is stock from the DAZ4 package, but includes free items from the community, I was pleased to find them.

530 x 716 - 565K


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    A very nice image!

    It takes most people a lot longer than a week or so to get an image of this quality, so very well done. The first of many I'm sure.

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    Well done. One week? I was still lost in just one week.

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    It took me a year before i was able to render and set up my scenes at a high quality level. You are either very very smart or you have experience with 3d programs. Daz studio may be an entry level program but getting an intermediate rendering like yours is impresive.

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    Years ago I struggled with milkshape and LWOs and texture mapping, so I have some experience.. not with renders. Simple low poly game models. Haven't done that in a very long time, but some lessons remain. Go slow. Check from all aspects. save. save. save.

    Thank you all for the nice complements. I feel encouraged.

    2nd Effort, then Ill not clog this with any more images. I'm ready to scream anyway.. lost my old comp to Lightning coming in on the modem.. and with it my Photoshop. Windows7 just snorted and laughed at my ancient version.. but hey, it worked.

    530 x 716 - 446K
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    Those are wonderful images.... please, more when you get the chance.
    Don't worry, you can't clog this area, that's what we are here for.

    Thanks for your lovely images.

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    Hi standfast,
    lovely images and especially that you've only been at it for a week! That's most impressive it took me ages before I had a nice enough render to show on the forums. Don't worry about putting up more images, just keep them coming. :-)

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