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    Here is the default "Rosie Face" camera in her default base scene. I have been working on getting the iris' of her eyes to glow as bright light hits them. I spent a lot of time trying to get just the right SSS settings to make it work - even using image maps via Shader Ops 2's Light Mangler SSS channel. I just wasn't getting the effect I've been seeing used in Star Wars - The Clone Wars animated series, which does this to excellent effect. I tried the easy way out, using the glow channel. This makes it very easy to achieve the result I wanted with one huge exception: it wasn't controlled by the light direction or intensity. Argh!
    It finally dawned on my to try the Highlight and Shininess channels. Silly me... where on Earth was my head at?!!!
    I made a color gradient which is controlled by the gray scale map that came with the character - bump map, I believe it is, for the Highlight channel. I set the Shininess channel to "0", though my next experiment will be to use the same map used in the Highlight gradient control shader, because it is white in just the right spots.

    More notes and images regarding this character at the bottom of the previous page.

    Next up for this character will be to study Jonstark's Dynamic Hair lessons to try and get her fit with some really nice hair and, if that doesn't work, bring this stuff back into development and try to make it look much better. I'm really excited to see which will prevail! ;)

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