[OT] Dreams about Bryce. Or Bryce about dreams?

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Tonight i had plenty of dreams, and some of them even featured Bryce! I almost forgot most details, but in one of them it was about a very huge in scale scene, created supposedly by an user from China, that could be one of largest Bryce scenes (maybe just filling the whole available document space in horizontal dimension). However, it surely was not very much detailed, and as author in dream was stating that they release it to public after 18 years have passed (perhaps a working contract prevented from showing it earlier; i wonder, then, was it created for animated movie or some company private reseach project - but, perhaps, one should not look for logic inside dreams, right). So supposedly it was created with Bryce 5, if not 4. Makes me remember about certain problem that Steve "TheLordOfDragons" Winter noted, how Bryce 6 and onwards uses compression when saving scenes, that also takes away plenty of RAM. Anyway, sadly i can't really remember any important details about this curiosity from my dream, as i tend to forget almost everything when i wake up very fast. Just remember that author also had a clothed female character, but there was no any detail in dream whether it was Bryce-native or from Poser. As for scene itself, it had weird terrains that also used lattices to get intricate, curved shapes. laugh


Now, if anybody wants, you may talk not only about similar cases of having dreams about Bryce (or other creative software), but maybe go the other way around and perhaps turn this discussion about cases, when you had a certain visually (or idea-wise) interesting dream, and you succeeded with remembering it and then making a 3D scene inspired by that. Just like it happened to famous artists or writers. As for me, i often had very interesting dreams which would be a perfect fit for a series of renders, but almost always i never capure enough memory of it in my mind, sadly. So i'm a little jealous to, for example, writers or painters who can do a quick sketch after they wake up to catch their "sleeping mind vision".

But if i were still to talk about certain themes i often have in dreams, one of most notable for me is "alternative" version of my city where i live. So in dreams i often had visions of districts and places that do not really exist on map. That expands even more into theme of "different subway (rapid transit, metro)" that not only features new transport lines and transfers that do not actually exist, but goes even further and exaggerates everything, making subway into a certain surrealistic/fantastic place that distorts any ideas of how it can be. In some of my recent dreams dedicated to it, i had visions of curious options for how rail tracks are organized with curvy routes going full way labyrinth. Also absolutely gorgeous vestibule/lobby systems, with eternal escalators that go against gravity and common sense. And other things like that. 

So, if you feel like that, please share your stories about dreams of Bryce, or renders about dreams.


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    I have had plenty of dreams that had some pretty exotic places in it.. some of which were recurring.. unfortunately I have never re-created what I saw in my mind's eye.  It would almost be worth going to bed with a sketch pad, and sketching that out while it is fresh in your mind.. unfortunately most of the time I don't recall the details.  I would only remember thinking in my dream: "wow, this is a cool place, I wish I could remember it for later".  Some of the recurring dreams where I do remember bits and pieces always seem to have the same "place" or theme.  Like this particular house.. and the way it is layed out.. I always remember it while in the dream.. "oh I have been here before" but then when awake, I don't recall enough of the fine tuned details.. only that the upstairs is "rickety" and you have to watch your step.  The other theme that I may be able to pull out is this dream about an island in the ocean.. and scuba diving.  I used to scuba when I was younger and in the dream.. I saw creatures and things that I would never dare to dive next to .. like large sea creatures.  I wonder if I could re-create a rough layout in "flowscape" or even in the game "planet coaster" and go from there on some of them.. I know there was a dock and buildings out in the middle of no-where in the ocean so I recently purchased Ansiko's "Promenade" thinking I could create something with it.

    It is definitely an intersting idea.  Maybe starting on it would trigger myself to re-dream some of these places.  Recently I have been playing around in Bryce with unusual items in unusual places.. like say a bed or chair.. that is on a platform out in the middle of nowhere..

    only to find that on Pinterest.. some artists have captured these ideas in a really dreamy creative way.. Like these examples from Pinterest:



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    I love the 2nd one beautiful painting

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    Very nice paintings you found, Rasberri. Must be possible to create renders like that, I think.

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