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Silly question really but groupboxes seemed to be missed from the docs; DzGroupbox can you have them checkable?

from QT Designer its

LightGroup = new QGroupBox();

and this works fine for a C++ plugin
but It doesn't seem to work converting it to script.. but I appear to be having a brain dead day, today for some reason :s

edit DUH!
I sussed it, see told you I was brain dead lol

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    I don't know abot DzGroupBox but you can use pure qt qgroupbox in your code as you wrote in your example.

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    I've got so much to deal with I was just focusing on how the scripts language handled it, I never tried using the qt alternative

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    DzGroupBox is a script wrapper class for QGroupBox. Plugins should use QGroupBox directly, not the script wrapper. Many of the Dz* widget script wrapper classes use property equivalents of the Q* widget class member functions.

    So, where you might use the following in a plugin...

    QGroupBox* gBox = new QGroupBox();
    gBox->setCheckable( true );
    gBox->setChecked( true );

    ... you would use the following in script...
    var wGroupBox = new DzGroupBox( wParent );
    wGroupBox.checkable = true;
    wGroupBox.checked = true;


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