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So I ordered the Super Suit Suite.

And I go to available downloads...

And there are 17+ pages of files.

First, there's just the experience of downloading 17 pages of files from any site.

Then, there's the experience of running each individual installer and clicking 8 to 12 times to install the content, or going to a command prompt and adding some switches on the recent installers, and letting it grind with no feedback.

Then after all that, there's the joy of getting Daz to not add the directory a thousand times as duplicates.

So ponder me this...

Why not deliver all the content as zip files (for PC and MacOS), and then put an option on the file menu in Daz to "install content." That option would then allow you to bulk highlight the zip files, which would then be installed?

If you're going to send me 170 files, as part of a bundle, could you please do so as one installer so that I'm not spending the rest of my life clicking next?


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    They're doing almost exactly that, except the optional Install Manager is a stand-alone program, not built into DS. You can let the Install Manager see what needs to be downloaded (if any products get updated), download them, and install them automatically, or you can download the zip files and tell the Install Manager what you want installed, or you can not use the Install Manager and install the zips yourself.

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