It's here! Tuscan Dinner scene for Daz Studio

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I present to you without further ado...

Tuscan Dinner scene for Daz Studio (Iray)!

You can drink wine! You can move plants! You can open doors! It even glows in the dark!

It ain't perfect, but it's probably the best model I've made thus far, so I hope you all enjoy it! 

PS: Doesn't come with the HDRI's I used for the promo, but it does come with everything else!

1200 x 800 - 2M
1000 x 1000 - 2M
1000 x 1000 - 2M
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  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 2,486

    Thanks, on my way to grab it, can't wait to test it out

  • Very nice! Thank you

  • jag11jag11 Posts: 854
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    Love it. Thanks.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
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  • ChumlyChumly Posts: 614


    Looks great!

  • That does look really inviting, and such a contrast: We're currently shivering in the hardest frost of the winter so far. Definitely a nice place to be!



  • perlkperlk Posts: 523

    Oh, that looks great @jag11!!!

    That was the idea, @richardandtracy ... we're supposed to get a huge blizzard here tomorrow (New England, USA). It sure would be nice to be picnicking in Tuscany right now! laugh

    You're welcome, all. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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