Coming soon! Tuscan dinner scene (and a question)

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I am extremely excited about this one since I have spent the better part of a week modeling it. Everything you see in this render is modeled and textured by me (except for the HDRI, which I downloaded at )

And a question. This is huge. The zip file is like 900MB. How do you post multiple files in Renderosity (or anywhere, really) - just as separate uploads? Or is it best to do two zip files into a single zip?

1600 x 900 - 165K
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    No offence, but 900MB's is way too much for that, should be max. 250-300MB's

  • You can split the folders into multiple zip files and upload them separately

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    Looks really nice.  I'm downloading it for sure!

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    I was able to get it down to 430MB but that's still a bit high to host at Renderosity. I may just put it on Deviant Art... they don't like cross-linking these days, do they? I mean, it has to be hosted there, right?


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    Actually never mind. Deviant Art has the same limitation. Two zip files it is...

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    Looking at the textures, I can now understand the size...

    The pixel count of the textures is quite large, but that can be scaled down with just about any graphics application, the real problem is the empty space on them.

    Take for example the "pergola-roof-normal.png", the size of the image is 5271x5271px at 24bit color depth.
    The side view is 5025x2680px and the view for the ends of the logs is 745x1329px

    The filesize at 13MB's is already quite large for just one image, but even more so when opened in whatever application, as when opened in any application, the images are taking memory in their uncompressed form => A  5271x5271px x 24bit image takes 79MB's of memory when opened in any application, just that one of the maps for one surface.

    Now, the used space on the image takes 38MB's + 3MB's, which means that 48% of the image area is not used for anything but it will still use 38MB's of memory and this is just one of the maps for one surface

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    Thanks @PerttiA for the feedback. Yeah, I did cut them down by half in Photoshop but you're right, there is a lot of space around the images and wasted textured space.

    First, I normally make textures 1024x1024 but I wanted to try to be able to capture some realism. I am sure there is a middle ground somewhere. As I model, I learn, and get better. 

    The main issue is that I suck at UV mapping and matching polygon sizes... I probably could have done a better job at using more of the space but the polygon sizes between the walls, for example, don't match. Same with the table - because the UV map for the table takes up most of the space, and because I wanted 200-300dpi textures, the peg and the bar had to be smaller polygons inside the UV maps instead of taking up the space.

    It's why this stuff is free, LOL... and it's hard, yo. I have new respect for vendors. In my next attempt, I'll try to do a better job at UV mapping those high dpi textures without wildly different polygon sizes. Also I probably could have re-used texture maps for multiple models if I'd planned properly.

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    No problem, there are commercial assets with much worse UV mapping wink

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