not able to download

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not happy with the change

Some people have limited bandwidth, and now those with that issue have no way of seeing how much they are downloading till it's too late, why is the file size not shown any more?
I 'm trying to down load for the first time since the change , the downloader shows downloading in progress but nothing is saved nor is the size of the file size being shown in the downloader.

I like seeing the file size, so that way when I have finished if the file size does not match the file size I downloaded, then I know it has been a bad download, or if it is larger then know something suspicious may have been added, and that get's deleted


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    This has been noted in the bug tracker.

  • XaatXuunXaatXuun Posts: 792
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    Alrighty, so it's just a wait till the fix . . thank you

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