eyes that have the "point at" property doesn't stick to target after reloading the scene

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Hi all, 

I have daz3D 4.16.
I created a null object in order to point the eyes "point at" the null object. So I could only use the null to make the eyes to look right where I want.

All works fine until I close daz studio; when I reload the scene that I have just closed, the  eyes looks elsewhere, but the "point at" properties of the eyes are still pointed at the null object ! 
I have to manually click on each eyes and point first to "none" and then redo the "point at" on the null object.

I don't know if it's a bug a ... a feature ? 

Does anyone stumbled upon the same problem ? what did you do resolve this ? 

Thank you

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  • cgidesigncgidesign Posts: 220

    I sometimes have this with point at camera.

    But when moving the camera a bit the eyes snap back to the camera.

    E.g. I click on the plus sign of a translate slider and then minus sign to get the camera back to initial position.

    I also noticed that using undo sometimes messes with "point at". In that case a slight move of the target object also solves it for me.

  • HLEET_3DHLEET_3D Posts: 103

    @cgidesign : thanks for the tip

    It works after changing the translate position of the null object as you said.

    Maybe it's a bug afterall ...

  • If it's a bug, it has been around for a while. Think I first noticed it in 4.12, but I didn't use anything where it might be noticable until then, so could have been around longer. I fave always thought of it as 'a feature to be worked around'.




  • PerttiAPerttiA Posts: 4,521

    You have to move either the object that's being looked at or the one looking at something to get the point at refocused

    I usually parent my characters to a group, rotating the group by 1 deg is enough to refocus and ctrl+z undo's the rotating.

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