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I was just wondering, does Daz Studio have any undocumented methods to automatically generate selection maps, assuming a figure has none?

    DzSelectionMap* selMap = new DzSelectionMap;    figure->setSelectionMap( selMap );


It would be assumed, the figure would have everything else setup, such as face groups and nodes, so it would just need to generate the appropriate facegroup/node pairs for it.

If you don't know what selection maps are, let me try to explain why they are important in Daz Studio.

When you load a Genesis figure, you can select a finger, or an arm, etc... through which you can move it around and so forth.  This selection is possible through selection maps.  Group names are mapped to joint names.  Without a selection map, you would only be able to select the entire figure, and nothing else.  The Genesis figure has over 60 selection pairs, so it's very important for selection.

I don't know of any program outside of Daz Studio that uses selection maps, so either the user must create them, or they must be created programmatically.  If I had to create them myself, what would be the most efficient way of doing it?  As far as I can tell, Daz Studio doesn't offer any built-in tools to make them from scratch.

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