Easy way to 'extend' crop tops?

Crop tops are always in fashion at the Daz Shop; I've collected a number of them by now. Shirts that come down to the waist are in shorter supply, and it would be nice (not to mention cheaper) if there was a way to simply extend a fitted crop top down to the figure's waist to make it into a shirt. 

Zev0's Fit Control certainly helps, but not always; it's not really designed for that level of modification. If there's another, similar product that is designed for this sort of thing, I'd probably buy it. Of course, if there are tweaks one can accomplish for free, that's even better!

I suppose I might be asking the impossible- you certainly couldn't turn a crop top into a shirt in real life- but I figured I'd throw it out there.



  • felisfelis Posts: 1,403

    I would take it into a modeller and extend it. On that you can create a morph. But you have to be aware of that the texture will be stretched vertically.

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