Full Scaling X, Y, and Z Dimensions

For some items, Scaling is possible but only as X, Y, and Z combined. There are times when I would like to scale a part of a character with greater scaling on one of the axes, such as X or Z. Is there a utility that makes this possilbe? Or, is there a way to reveal all of the scaling options instead of just a combined Scale?


  • felisfelis Posts: 1,403

    If the parameters are locked you can click on the gear icon and unlock them.

  • Open the Parameters pane option menu (the lined/hamburger button in the top corner, or right-click the tab) and enable Preferences>Show Hidden Properties.If you wish, click the gear icon on the slider for the hidden scales>Parameter Settings, uncheck Hidden, and save a Character preset: use that preset to load the item in future and you will have the scale controls available.

  • inquireinquire Posts: 1,789

    OK. Thank you very much for the tips. This is most useful.

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