This is Odd...or Maybe Not. Help!

I'm hoping that there's a simple explanation for this that I'm just not clever enough to divine.  When I'm in my Smart Content and I've got my figure selected and I've checked the Filter by Context box and I've got the Products tab selected, not all the relevant products will show up.  This is a recent development. 

The only product categories showing up are Animatons, Environments, Light Sets, Lights, Materials, Poses, Props, Render-Settings, Saved Files, Shaders and Utilities.  But if I select, for instance, Poses, only five vehicle sets show up.  I've got a ton of pose sets ordinarily.  What gives here?

If I uncheck the Filter by Context box, of course, I get ALL my products -- V4 to G8.1, and then I have to scroll through everything to find compatible products.  As I say, this is a new development.  Am I just not doing something simple?  Thanks!


  • Sometimes an add-on interferes with the Compatibility base setting of the figur - try reinstall the base figure (e.g. Genesis whichever Starter Essentials) to restore the original database entries.

  • That did the trick.  Thanks, Richard!  =)

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