DAZ Studio Windows 11

Has anyone exprienced any problems with DAZ and Windows 11? Would like to know before I upgrade.


  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 9,703

    No issues.  Look at Windows 11 this way, it's reall just Windows 10.5, it's not a full system do over, all your programs and settings will be in place after it's done doing it's thing.  Took about 1/2 hour for the whole thing to finish.  Painless and everything worked fine like DS, Poser, ZBrush and all the other heavy hitter programs i have on board.  

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    ...sort of like G3 to G8 as not a complete figure makeover as G2- G3 or Genesis "Classic" to G2 were.  The frustrating issue with G8 though is the heavier use of hierarchical presets for some clothing fits, hair fits, and textures when transferring to other generations.

    Though MS finally dumped that annoying digital assistant and gave Pro Edition users up to two years to defer feature and version updates. The one downside is trying to set up a different browser than Edge as your default, though there are workarounds. The issue with needing an MS Account for Home Edition can be circumvented by doing a clean install.

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