Keep Me Logged In Never Works

I dont know if its just me but for some reason, I have to log in almost everyday to use Daz3D. 

I have tested it  on Mac, Windows. Multiple Browsers - Safari, Chrome, Edge and Friefox on both Mac and Windows. Tested it on iPhone and iPad too, for what it's worth. 

Is this a feature, like, one of those things where you are auto logged out for security or simply how things are? I am not complaining or anything. I dont mind being logged out everyday and having to log in everyday. 

Wanted to know if I was doing something wrong in my account settings or something. 


  • More likely a browser or AV scan setting.

  • Catherine3678ab said:

    More likely a browser or AV scan setting.

    I doubt it. If it was happening on one specific device, yes. But, for this to happen on iOS, iPad OS, Windows and Mac. and on 4 different browser brands.

    It does not sound like a good theory. I feel like we can eliminate specific OS and specific browser here.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 11,993

    I've needed to log in maybe 4 times in the last year, usually cause I cleared my cache and cookies. Maybe your ISP?

  • Using multiple devices can actually trigger log-outs. That said, I kept being dumped from the forums on Thursday evening and Friday morning even though I was logged in using only the one browser on the one machine.

  • @frank0314 , Richard (I dont know how to tag a name with a space)

    I think that's what it is. I am using multiple devices which might be auto logging me out. I have seen that behavior on some other websites too.

    So, it is an issue that only affects me, because of my habit of using too many computers (I work in tech, and I travel a lot!).

    Thanks guys. Thank you for helping me understand the situation.


  • It is an issue that plagues some people, while others mostly escape it. I don't know if all those affected are using mutliple devices - as noted above, I certainly suffered spell without doing so.

  • Ah! It's not a big deal. I got time to spare. The good thing about my job is, I got plenty of hours to spare, everyday, so it's all good. he he :)

    Just wanted to make sure, that I wasn't missing something. Like, some kind of checkbox in Daz Settings where I can disable auto logout or something. Now, I am convinced, its because of my multiple device usage thing.

  • murgatroyd314murgatroyd314 Posts: 1,240

    A single device used from multiple locations (i.e. multiple IP addresses) will have the same issue.

  • murgatroyd314 said:

    A single device used from multiple locations (i.e. multiple IP addresses) will have the same issue.

    Yes, that is a factor too. I have multiple devices and I am constantly on the move, so, different IP addresses, constantly.

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