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I've seen rulers and yardsticks and even folding yardsticks. How about a cloth tape measure. Like one of these things ...

... that can be placed around the body. I'm not looking to measure body parts. I already have the measurement matrix package for that purpose. I just want to use the tape measure in a scene.

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    Something like that would be incredibly difficult to rig, and even using dForce would only help a little bit, in very specific scenarios. You'd be better off using a modeling app to extrude a spline around your figure.

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    Just doing a 12" tape would take an obscene amount of bones and they need to be able to twist and bend. If the numbering was already on the tape you would need to put in a bone at every 1/2" mark. Not like it can't be bone cause it can, it would take a lot of work and patience. We did a chain in one of our packs and it had over 50 bones and it was a nightmare to bend into the shape you want it. You have to click on each link and adjust then the next and the next. It's totally impractical. At least there are easier ways to do it now then there was then but it still would be tough.

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  • Strings has a bendable tape prop in it... and I'm guessing you could probably apply a tape-measure image onto it.  But, they're right, these things are a giant PIA to pose them 'round a curved body like... a person's body.  I know because I've used this product and others like it.

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