DForce cloth hang help pls

Hey guys


What setting do i need to change/adjust to make this work properly. I just want this fabric to fall/hang like it would in real life...i used to have great dforce results, but i must have changed something because its only rendering the left half/bottom....idk...

4096 x 2312 - 2M


  • What are you trying to achieve? What are you doing at the moment?

  • I am trying to make something like a wedding veil. The image will be taken from the front so it does not actually have to attach. I just want the plane to deform similar to how fabric would. It is pinned at the top so it will not fall.

  • Try using a dForm to bend it, and perhaps also start with it a way in front of the face (to avoid possible poke-through_ and slide it back - you probably need to use the Timeline for a Play Range simulation.

  • Well. I never used Dform. So i stuck with Dforce / dynamic surface. I didnt get the results i wanted exatcly, but i got it close and just rotated the plane because it was only effecting the one side as i showed above. Had to mess with the iterations per frame, quality, stifness and stabilization time. But i got results similar to what i used to get naturally, just hanging fabric. Still dont know what i changed to make it different now.

    1000 x 1500 - 2M
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