Bryce serial#

I lost it, it has been three years since I started running it again, three years ago with now defuct computer and now reloaded on a new computer,,, so I need that serial number again!


  • My serial number isn't listed anymore. It's just DAZ and Hexigon.

  • S RayS Ray Posts: 310

    Look at your product library.  If you only have Bryce 7 & not the Bryce 7 Pro upgrade. Then you may have to purchase the Bryce 7 upgrade.  For some reason DAZ stopped supporting Bryce 7 & that purchase link will only let you download the Bryce 7 Pro upgrade. The upgrade gave a new SS# with it.  If you only have the Bryce 7 on your product list. I would try Clicking on the product, Then Click on the order #, Then print a PDF file for Order & Invoice. & Send the PDF files to support & ask them why you have no SS# for Bryce7. They may say you have to purchase the upgrade, or they may just give you a SS# for Bryce 7 Pro. If you have the Bryce 7 Pro upgrade on your product page, then do the same thing & ask them why you don't have a Bryce 7 Pro SS# on your Serial # page.

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