Action puppeteer and preset poses for G8F/G8M

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A simple set of 9 action poses for Genesis 8 Male & Female
Poses set in puppeteer layers for easier access and blending together poses for greater variation and more natural looking adjustments
includes presets

Find Puppeteer in Daz Studio:
Window > Panes (Tabs) > Puppeteer
Presets and puppeteer layers found in Genesis 8 Male poses folder
Presets and puppeteer layers found in Genesis 8 Female poses folder

Whole poses
Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Hand
Left Hand
Right Leg
Left Leg

Layers come in three sizes

-IMPORTANT: Put Puppeteer in preview mode before using
-Zoom in (Scroll Wheel) for finer control
-Select character by hip for smoother animation - also, anything parented to character will slow animations (including eyelashes)
-Right click to toggle on/off specific poses
-Alt+Left or Alt+Right click on the mouse will move layer for focus on a specific area
-Assign a shortcut to delete layers quickly (F3 > Puppeteer > delete layers)
-"Create > Group" or parent character to a null to prevent character from going to zero position in edit mode. Position using group or null

600 x 600 - 343K
600 x 600 - 333K
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  • jjoynerjjoyner Posts: 150

    Hello.  I discovered your Puppeteer and pose presets series today via a Renderosity email.  Even though I've been a hobbyist/dabbler for many years, your series got me interested in making greater use of the Puppeteer.  Your series give me lots of potential to explore.  Thanks!


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