Where is "Adjust Rigging to Shape" in 4.11? [Solved]

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Where is "Adjust Rigging to Shape" in 4.11?

Older tutorial videos show the command to be under Edit > Figure > Adjust Rigging to Shape.

It is not there in 4.11. Where did they move it?

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    Edit -> Figure -> Rigging.

  • It should also be in the right-click menu with the Joint Editor tool

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    Yes. Thanks for the help.

    In 4.11 the command I seek cannot be accessed from top menu bar's "Edit" section as it is in other versions of Daz Studio.

    Instead, one must get into the Joint Editor tool and then alt-click the viewport to get the pop-up menu, and THERE procede to select the "Edit" option to get to the "Figure" and then "Rigging" options to finally get to the "Adjust Rigging to Shape".


  • The addition of Adjust Rigging to Shape to the main Edit>Figure>Rigging menu is relatively recent, but I couldn't rcall if 4.11.x.x was pre- or post-addition. It may be worth using Window>Workspace>Update and Merge Menus (or the utlity script of the same name, again making that a mani menu entry is relatively recent) after saving your layout (Window>Workspace>Save Layout) as a precaution.

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