RIP Sidney Poitier


  • alexhcowleyalexhcowley Posts: 2,144

    This is sad. He always played his roles with more than a degree of dignity and gravitas.


  • marblemarble Posts: 6,532

    Great actor, great man. 

  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 37,841


  • Cris PalominoCris Palomino Posts: 9,541

    To Sir with Love. Truly the passing of a great man.

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 2,458

    To Sir With Love was the first movie of his I saw, loved that movie.

  • LeatherGryphonLeatherGryphon Posts: 9,675

    "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner",  1967.

  • marblemarble Posts: 6,532

    I enjoyed both of the above but my favourite Poitier role was Virgil Tibbs. I've seen "In the Heat of the Night" several times and it never fails to stir something inside me. Rod Steiger was also perfect for his role.

  • Doc AcmeDoc Acme Posts: 999

    I remenber going to a Harry Belefonte concert once, and he went on for several minutes about how old Sydney Poitier was. OLD... by 11 days.  They were quite close friends.

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