How to change parameter type property with a script

(I'm somewhat new to Daz Studio and scripting)

I'd Like to change a large number of paremeter types from 'Modifiier/Shape' to 'Modifier/Pose' using a script in a scene. ​

This is so I can more effectively use the triggerAction( "DzHierarchicalPoseAssetFilterAction" ) to save them along with other pose parameters for each keyframe in my scene.

I can get to the property objects I need to change (using the node_properties.dsa example script).

But I can't figure out how to access and change that setting of of the property object.

thanks in advance,

--Ken (aka TromNek)



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    Umm, I thought I figured it but it messed up all my models and scenes with that contained this geograft.

    // oProperty is the oProperty of the the Node I want to change. from the daz example scriptvar oPresentation;oPresentation = oProperty.getPresentation();oPresentation.type = "Modifier/Pose"; 

    Turns out this created a whole new set of morphs with the same name. Every model and scene with that geograft was mutated.

    Luckily it was all contained in 'My Library' and easy to delete that entire folder and fix everything.

    Maybe I'll try and do the same, but modify the path on the group to give it a new name. But that is going to wasteful by duplicating all those morphs.

    Any ideas on how to do this wisely ?

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    Thanks cridgit.

    Changing the type works. But it seems to conflict with the original morphs. So I think I need to rename them first (maybe just add a prefix), then change the type. I think I'll also put them in a new path. This way when the new morph files are created, they won't conflict with the existing ones for the geograft.

    Your script is nice. I used it to change the paths I had about 9 groups to change (for about 250 morphs).

    Now I'll use my script to test changing the type to 'Modifier/Pose' and see how that works.

    How do you change the Internal Name ?

    I see the .setLabel() for the displayed name, but I don't see a method to change the internal name (it's just an attribute).


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    Thanks again cridgit.

    I was messing up stuff with this approach. So, I'll put this aside until I learn more.

    Instead I just batch editied the 250 morph files to change the to be 'Modifier/Pose'.

    This way it works for all my current scenes.

    That worked perfectly and it's easy to restore the originals if I run into any problems.

    Thanks again !

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