Recommendation for organizing poses

Help! I am drowning in poses. I own so many, and I only use or or two from each product. I took a chance on a solution in the Daz store and it was really weak. How do the Daz experts organize their favorite poses and hide the ones you'll probably never use?


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    I make folders with poses that are of a certain type. So I have for example:


    Genesis 8 Male



    Laying Down




    Combat- Hand to hand.


    There are are of course a ton of poses where the character just stands there and I use a generic folder called modeling.

    I make sure when I buy poses to categorize them this way.

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    Awesome post!  

    I agree and use a similar method of categorization....
    To add, some PAs suck at naming their poses.  01.duf?  REALLY? 

    Since I don't use smart content at all...  I end up using the content folder.  I'll often rename the poses... so I go from the PA's 01.duf to TYPEOFPOSE_PoseSetName_01.duf

    Most pose sets have a mix of what the characters are doing, so I unashamedly split them up and stick them in the folders that match what they are doing... so all the sitting in a chair poses go into the G8F/Poses/SIT-STAND-LAY/Sit-Chair folder.
    Yes, it is tedius AF on the set up, but when I need to find a pose for a chacater jumping from rock to rock over a stream, I can usually find one, or a good one to modify, in a few clicks.

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    Chumly said:

    Awesome post!  

    Seconded! That's a very helpful list of categories, cridgit - thank you. To date, all my poses are stored under G8F/Poses and G8M/Poses, as I don't have (or intend to have) other generations of characters, at least not for now. This matches the way most pose collections install, but I also manage my content manually (*), so I'm not afraid to do it differently. Would you - or anyone else? - recommend I consolidate male and female poses into a single gender-neutral directory, G8X?

    I'm still figuring out a master list that works for me (newbie alert), so your list was very helpful. To date I've been thinking along the following lines. 

    1) collect a set of zero poses for the full body and parts of it

    2) keep poses specific to a prop (heels, gun, etc) with the prop (what do experts think about that?)

    3) keep significant pose collections together (e.g., Heavy Hitters) under the author's name

    4) create a category for hand poses and another for facial expressions, emotions, etc

    5) a master category for 'active' or 'specialist' 'themed' activities, each with its own subcategory (soccer, combat, archery, eating, showering, etc)

    6) a master category for 'sedate' or 'static' activities 'generic' poses organised by body orientation (lying, kneeling, sitting, standing, etc). So, for example, sleep poses could be stored under 'lying', and walking poses under 'standing'

    8) Couples poses. Sport and combat poses, etc, are already covered, so I'm thinking of holding hands, kissing, and all the other bases. Probably best to allocate a separate category for them, to avoid arguments about how active, sedate or specialist a given couples activity is.

    (*) I use a tool called Advanced Renamer, which allows me to cope with collections containing the dreaded 01.duf, etc, and also tag filenames as being intended for V4, M4, etc.

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    Thanks cridgit. On reflection, maybe active/sedate isn't the best way to describe the split I have in mind. Maybe themed/generic might be better terminology?

    An example may help. For a soccer scene, I'd expect to consult a collection of themed soccer poses, where I'd expect to find figures scoring goals, saving shots, tackling opponents and taking dives. But a referee waving a red card is more generic, and is easily adaptable from any pose with a figure standing or walking with one arm in the air (e.g., hailing a cab).

  • There was an issue with "deleting" (hiding) the vendor categories (the ones from the instalaltion), it has been resolved

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    When I get home I'll look through my pose cateogories... but methinks that Under the People Folder, I have GF8, GM8, and G8. Mega Folders  I use a G8 Mega Folder, as some "types" of poses are set up for a male and female, together....  you know, like "dancing".

    As has been said, there is a lot of overlap, but remember, the point is to figure out a system that will help YOUR workflow the best.

    For me,... 
    Under GF8 or GM8, I have an ACTION super Category.
    Under that, I break down the actual action that is occuring... 
    So I have
    to name a few.

    If you do a lot of soccer/football stuff (I dont), I'd have a sub-folder under SPORTS for SOCCER-FOOTBALL.  If I buy an asset pack that is something like "FIFA WORLD CUP FOOTBALL POSES", i just stick the whole asset in the folder.

    But for something like JUMPING, I've gone through, or at least eyeballed my asset packs when I load them, and then drag and drop all the "single" Jumping poses into the JUMPING super folder.  If the PA has screwed me when I bought "Favorite Playground Games For Adults" asset pack, and just titled ALL the poses 01.duf, 02.duf... etc, I rename them the asset pack name, so Playground-Games.01.duf etc.

    Other Big Major Folders are things Like "PIN-UPS", as a lot of poses in a lot of packs seem best described as some sort of modeling pose.... Under PIN-UPS I have SIT, STAND, LAY folders...


    There are some "tricky" points of conjunction where POSES are SPECIFIC to a PROP or as specific location.  While I do have a PROP POSES folder, I find myself putting the Poses in the folders of the specific Prop or Prop Category.  Thus, in my WEAPONS>MELEE>SWORDS folder, I have a folder called "! SWORD POSES" as, they go hand and hand and it keeps me from clicking all around if they are right there.

    As I said before, a bit tedious in the set up, but setting it all up has giving me a great idea of what I have, and when I need to find a pose, or a pose to use a base, its usually only takes seconds for me to find what I need.

    Often the pose sets come with poses set up for a NAMED CHARACTER, and an addtional GF8 Generic pack.  I spend most of my time with the Generic GF8 and dump the rest into a NAMED CHARACTER POSES folder.  So all the "Freja 8" specific poses goes in the Freja 8 Folder under NAMED CHARACTER POSES.

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    I organize folders similar to how cridgit does. I also like to remember from what set and vendor the pose came with, so behind the name of the pose, I add the vendor and product name in parentheses at the end of the folder name or note if it's a freebie. it makes for long names but if I even need to redownload it, I know where I got it.

    I also have a separate folder for 'omni' poses or partial poses that I collect all in one place for faster custom poses.

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