Save full character?

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Normally when a .duf scene file is saved, only data URL references are saved.  Is it possible to force Daz Studio, either through code or script, to save the full scene (character and all), without URL references?

Basically, I want DS to populate and dump all of these arrays in one big file:

I looked at the various save options:
Save As -> Scene
Save As -> Scene Subset
Save As -> Support Asset -> Scene Asset

and none of them seem to do it.  Is this possible?

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  • You mean embed everything? No, that would generally be a waste of space and would also make it easy to distribute content in a way that was not compatible with the license terms. Why are you wanting to do this? There may be other ways to meet the same needs.

  • Seven193Seven193 Posts: 838

    No, it's not for distribution, or to save space.  I need to create a test file with character data, and it would be easier for me if everything was available in one big file without URL references.  I might have to edit it by hand if there isn't a way.  Copy and paste two files together.

  • Multiple files. You can set up an alternative directory set, in Edit>Preferences>Content tab>Content Directory Manager, then install just the base figure into that.

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